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We are 501(c)3 Approved Our Tax Free No. is 73-1687304 Public Charity Status 170-B-1-A-IV this means that your donation to Gods Living Words Ministry is a 100% TAX Write of for you.      
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Be a part of the Christian community by becoming an ordained minister online. Gods Living Words Ministry provides courses on how to become an ordained minister.


Now is the Time
You are about to become an ordained minister with Gods Living Words Ministries. Please be sure to find out the legal doctrines governing your country and state. Now is the time to become one of the many ordained clergy members in the world.

To become an ordained minister, you must be at least 18-years-old. Fill out the form on this page and list your legal name and age. Once you have done so, your information will be placed in our database. Please fill out the form completely. Any missing information will slow down the ordination process.

Become an Ordained Minister Today
Help spread the word of God today. We will ordain anyone no matter their beliefs, creed, religion, race, color, or sex.  

Gods Living Words Ministries is a legally ordained church, which means we are licensed by the church to perform all ministerial services, such as baptisms, marriages, funerals, and to conduct church meetings. We are entitled to all the privileges and considerations granted to a minister. If a minister from another church is interested in joining us, we do not ask them to forfeit his or her membership in their previous church.

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